Fashion & Boudoir

Let's talk about empowerment.

Boudoir photography gives me life. These sessions are so TRANSFORMATIVE. Hiking to an intimate location and empowering you to feel your very best is my passion. You may come feeling anxious but you'll leave feeling like the total babe you truly are.

Allow me to empower you, because you deserve it.

Empowerment with every shutter click.


“Oh my god. Wow, Jess. I finally went through the photos, and I love them! I want all of them of course, I always love your work. I have a lot of fun shooting with you!”

“I’m so sorry, I know it’s late but I keep looking at the last three you sent. You captured something in me I didn’t know existed . Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much for a beautiful experience! I love them. This whole experience has been lovely.”