Alternative and Historical Photographic Processes

Jessica Lieber works with historical and modern photographic techniques and the national archive to address concepts of mental health, the rejection of patriarchal societal norms and female empowerment. Blending both formal qualities and contemporary concepts, Lieber works with film and alternative camera-less photographic processes that involve manipulation of photographic chemistry and the use and misuse of organic materials. In addition to managing her own photographic studio, Lieber is the recipient of the Daniel J. L. Firestone Photography Scholarship from The Ohio State University. Her work has been exhibited at Urban Art Space (Columbus, Ohio), Hopkins Hall Gallery, the Columbus Public Library, and the Alpha Rho Chi Art Collective.

Lieber is currently based in Gahanna, Ohio. 

Featured works: Lumen prints of Local Foliage 2019, Chromoskedasic Sabatier technique with archival images from The Archive: Repurposed, Chemi-Lumen prints from the Photosynthesis series, and Chemigram prints from the Amoebic series.